What happens when you visit Impact Physiotherapy?

Our physiotherapists begin with a thorough assessment of your injury. This is a vital part of your initial appointment as it allows the physiotherapist to identify the true source of your problem. We use our skills and expertise to formulate a treatment plan that addresses the true cause of the pain, not just the symptoms. This assists the speed of your recovery and minimises the chance of reoccurrence.

Depending on your presenting problem you may initially require a period of hands on treatment, and are likely to be given a program of exercises and stretches to perform at home.  Should your physiotherapist feel that you would benefit from utilising the Hydrotherapy pool, Clinical exercise studio or undergoing a running assessment, then this will be suggested. The physiotherapists will also provide patient education and self-management strategies.

We believe in the importance of working together to get you back to feeling and performing at your best.

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