At Impact Physiotherapy, we are very keen to ensure that our clients who are passionate about running, can keep on running even when faced with an injury.

If you have ever suffered from a running related injury or are having any difficulty with improving your running times, efficiency or pace, our in-depth running assessments are a great tool to help you identify any areas of concern with your training load and running technique.

Our running assessments involve the use of treadmill based analysis of your running gait. We utilise slow motion video footage to ascertain what kind of foot strike you have, your posture, any element of overstriding, and any other areas of concern. We combine this slow motion treadmill analysis with a review of your recent and current training schedule.

Whether you are a seasoned runner, are running as a large part of your chosen sport or leisure pursuits, or have recently decided to start running, we can help you achieve your goals, avoid pain and manage any exisiting injuries.

We are also very strong believers in the biopyschosocial approach to injuries and fitness and therefore will also pay attention to your current levels of sleep and stress.

We can also advise you if we feel some hands on Physiotherapy or participation in our Clinical Exercises Classes would be helpful.

Our running assessments focus on:

  • Assessing your training regime
  • Analysing your running gait
  • Assessing current sleep, energy and stress levels
  • A review of any previous injuries
  • Ascertaining any error with your training load
  • Providing you with effective and efficient recommendations regarding your gait pattern and training
  • Providing you with appropriate strength and conditioning exercises to ensure your gait is optimised
  • Reassessing your gait and training at regular intervals to review any improved areas or new areas of concern

Conditions often helped by our running assessments include:

  • Low back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Proximal Hamstring tendinopathy
  • Plantar fasciopathy
  • Postural problems
  • Poor balance
  • General deconditioning

Running Assessments at Impact

Your running assessments will commence with a one-on-one assessment with our Physiotherapist.  This assessment will identify your current training routine and any current, recent or old injuries.  During this consultation our Physiotherapist will provide you with a training diary (unless we have requested that you fill one in prior to your initial appointment) to fill in, assess your overall strength and flexibility and review your running technique on our treadmill and then review the technique via our slow motion gait analysis program.

We will then discuss any areas of concern and provide you with cues, feedback and home exercises.

We will follow up the running assessment with three to four more assessments over the next few months. At these follow up appointments your training diary, strength and conditioning program and running gait will all be reassessed.

Should you be interested in having a running assessment please call us on 9446 3833 to arrange an initial assessment appointment.

Please Note: A rebate for our running assessments will normally be claimable from your private health fund.

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