Led by Chronic Pain Australia, National Pain Week (25 – 31 July 2016) promotes four core aims.

  1. To de-stigmatise the experience of chronic pain;
  2. Promote current thinking to explain chronic pain to the wider Australian community;
  3. Create healing relationships between the person in pain and their pain clinician;
  4. Reduce the isolation and suffering of people in pain.

National Ambassador, Michael Clarke, for National Pain Week 2016

The findings of the “Pain is not Invisible” project found the invisibility of the pain experience continues to be a major reported issue for people living with chronic pain. People often make judgements that people are ok simply based on how they look.

National Ambassador, Former Australia Cricket Captain, Michael Clarke, knows too well the significant impact living with an invisible condition has, having lived with chronic pain and nerve pain since the age of 17. Michael is passionate about encouraging others to stay positive. “Understand that you can achieve anything you want with this pain if it’s managed as well as possible.

“I would like those suffering with chronic pain, that I feel your pain. Our pain is ongoing. It is all about learning as much as you can to managed the pain as effectively as you possibly can”.

As a proud supporter of Chronic Pain Australia and National Ambassador for National Pain Week, Michael is eager to encourage those in pain to seek help from friends, family and healthcare professionals. “Seeking help has changed my life and allowed me to achieve everything I have through my career.”

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