Move More Sit Less

Move More, Sit Less is all about getting people moving more and sitting less and changing sedentary behaviours of Australians. It’s recognising that the less you move and the more you sit, you are putting your health and quality of life at serious risk. With recent studies showing that the average office worker sits for […]

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National Pain Week 2016: You look good. How do you feel?
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Led by Chronic Pain Australia, National Pain Week (25 – 31 July 2016) promotes four core aims. To de-stigmatise the experience of chronic pain; Promote current thinking to explain chronic pain to the wider Australian community; Create healing relationships between the person in pain and their pain clinician; Reduce the isolation and suffering of people […]

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ACL Reconstruction and Exercise

A recent study by Stephanie Filbay and colleagues from Melbourne, reported in the April issue of Journal of Physiotherapy, has shown the importance of returning to exercise for people who have had an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.  The researchers identified that people who find a way of returning to some form of exercise report better […]

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Prenatal Clinical Pilates
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With one of our physiotherapists currently expecting her second baby we have a strong interest in safe and appropriate exercise to do during pregnancy. Please call us if you would like to join our new Prenatal Clinical Pilates classes.

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Stretching has many great positives. Try and take a stretch break every 1-2 hours from your desk and regroup. Clinical Pilates is not only great for improving core strength but is also important to boost joint mobility and flexibility also.  So you carry around that “just stretched” feeling all day!

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